How Do You Know Whose Route You’re On In Mystic Messenger?

Zen has a route in Mystic Messenger. You can get his route because you have to pick the right options to get him. But, how do you know which one is Zen? In this blog post, I’m going to tell you all about Zen and which option is his in each chat room!

At first, it might be a bit confusing to figure out whose route you’re on in Mystic Messenger. You’ll have 7 different guys all trying to win your heart and they will all appear equally as interesting at the start. However, if you know who’s route you’re on then it can help make decisions easier when playing the game! Here are some tips for how to tell whose route is yours:
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In Mystic Messenger, there are a number of routes that players can follow. These routes are not all the same and should be chosen depending on the player’s preferences. The game starts with Rika asking you where you want to go, but other events will also change your route as well. How do you know whose route you’re on? This article offers some tips for how to make your decision!

Have you ever reached a point in Mystic Messenger where you’re not sure who your route is with? Sometimes it’s hard to tell whose route you are on because the game has no clear indication of what each character’s personality is like. How do I know whether I’m on Jumin, Yoosung, Jaehee or Rika’s routes? This blog post will give some clues as to how you can tell which route you are currently playing!

Zen and Jaehee route: Zen will say his name, then you will be prompted to pick a nickname. If you don’t pick one he says something like “I’m fine with whatever” but if you do pick one it’s “Ok [nickname]”. You can’t get the other route because Jaehee tells Jumin that she doesn’t know who sent her the invitation and asks him for advice. She also says that she’ll come by herself and not bring anyone else which means whoever is on this route isn’t bringing 707 or Saeran (707 does show up for a cameo in the chatroom though). Also, while talking about meeting at the cafe, Jaehee specifically mentions being able to relax since there are no cameras

First you need to have downloaded the app, Mystic Messenger. If you have not done so already, click here  to download! Then it’s time to pick your route! You can either go with Zen or Jaehee Kang. Or if you don’t want a route, just select Jaehee Kang. Now that you’ve selected which character you’d like to follow, let’s get started on how do know whose route you’re on in Mystic Messenger?

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